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Email Security & Compliance

In today’s highly regulated world, secure communications is a must. Your ability to protect your data is vital to your business, your customers and your reputation.  We can help you safeguard your information with secure e-messaging solutions that are flexible, easy to use, cost effective, and meet current and future regulatory requirements.


Auditing and Reporting

Once policies and procedures have been put into place, a risk assessment has occurred, and a gap analysis performed organizations can begin to utilize various solutions (both technology based and nontechnical) to audit and report on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. There are several ways of approaching the auditing and enforcement of sensitive data.




Email Anti-Virus

Blocks inbound viruses before they enter your network as well
as outbound viruses before leaving your network on their way to
clients or partners.


Scans and filters all outbound email for categories of words,
phrases, and numbers using dictionaries and rules preset
according to best practices to prevent intentional or unintentional
loss of confidential or non-public data.

SPAM Filtering

Seeks out possible SPAM and stops it before it reaches your
network. Customers have the option of providing their users with
individual quarantines to view, delete or release emails tagged as
potential SPAM.

Secure Email

Allows users to send electronic messages securely to anyone on
the internet through a secure, encrypted channel.

eMessage Continuity & Archiving

Securely stores all incoming and outgoing email and provides each
user access to his/her archive through a web-based portal while
maintaining business continuity.

eMessage Compliance Manager

Safely stores your email, IM, Bloomberg and Reuters messages off
site, making it easy to fulfill e-discovery and audit requests. Our
archiving solution meets the rigid mandates of the SEC, FINRA,
HIPAA, SOX and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Microsoft® Hosted Exchange

Enjoy the benefits and features of a fast, reliable and secure
enterprise-class email system without any of the risks on
managing an in-house system. Our Security Experts manage your
hardware, software, upgrade and patch management allowing
you to focus on your core business.



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What happened to our store in New Braunfels?  Our store was included in the fire at the Landa Plaza Shopping Center.  We still are involved in the NB chamber and have many clients in the area.  We plan on opening back up, but for now all business is handled at our San Antonio office.

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