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Warranty Services

What is GlobalCare™?

It is simple… GlobalCare™ is a comprehensive service agreement for hassle-free warranty repair of desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets and servers.  Plus, GOCI will proactively monitor system hardware 24/7/365,  conduct security, critical and high-priority patch management of the operation system and give you 30 days free unlimited helpdesk support on new system purchases.

You might say, “Well, my system already has a warranty from the manufacturer.”  You’re correct!  The manufacturer’s warranty will cover hardware failure but if you ever had to use it, you know you will be on the phone for hours before they send technician to you or worse, just ship you the part.  If it’s your hard drive, it’s up to you to reinstall and reconfigure the system or you will have to hire someone to do it for you.

With GlobalCare™ from GOCI, simply call us and the process is started.  We will take care of the hardware issue, load software (if necessary) or whatever else is needed to get your system up and running again.   It is truly a “No-Hassle Warranty.”

This is reactive service but what about proactive?

Proactive vs. Reactive

Everyone is accustomed to reactive service.  Simply, when your system fails you call for service.  GlobalCare™ goes beyond reactive and includes proactive maintenance.  Our state-of-the-art GlobalWatch™ service monitors your hardware and detects possible failures before they happen.  This allows us to change a hard drive before it crashes or detect a motherboard issue and quickly get it fixed.  The goal is to keep your system up and operational to its maximum potential. 

Patch Management

We proactively scan your computer and apply any critical security updates, software updates, and service packs for your operating system.  Most people forget to do these patches and leave their systems vulnerable to viruses and malware.  Not only do we patch your system, but we test our patches before deploying to make sure they will not cause additional problems.

HelpDesk Support

Have you ever bought a new system and had issues installing and configuring software?  With GlobalCare™ on your side, you have 30 days of unlimited HelpDesk Support to get your new computer functioning the way you want it to.  If you have questions just email our HelpDesk and we will promptly respond.

Spam and Malware Removal

One of the biggest headaches with computers is the spyware and malware you get from day-to-day operations.  With the GlobalCare+ plan, we take care of all the spyware removal when it happens and we use proactive software to limit the amounts you receive.  But keep in mind the majority of malware on your system is self-inflicted, meaning the computer user clicks something that infects their computer.


If your system has an issue just call us with your GlobalCare number.  A service ticket will be created and you will be placed in the GlobalCare™ priority queue.

Trained and Certified

Our technicians are all certified at various levels of competency, which brings you peace of mind that we are experts at what we do.  We are continuously engaged in education and training classes put on by the manufacturers we represent, industry organizations and our own internal GOCI University.  Many of the largest technology manufacturers - such as HP, Sony and Lenovo - have placed their confidence in us by certifying GOCI as Authorized Service Providers.

Choose the plan that suits your needs

GlobalCare™ Desktop - 3yrs $199
GlobalCare+ Desktop - 3yrs $349
GlobalCare™ Notebook - 3yrs $249
GlobalCare+ Notebook - 3yrs $399
GlobalCare+ ACD Notebook -3yrs $499
GlobalCare™ Desktop for GlobalWatch™ $0
GlobalCare™ Notebook for GlobalWatch™ $0
GlobalCare+ ACD for GlobalWatch™ $299

Add-On Options

Remote Backup for Critical Files - 3yrs $225

Anti-Virus Software - 3yrs $179

Five Hours HelpDesk Support $549


Contact Us

Global On-Line Computers and URDirect is located in San Antonio at 5606 Randolph Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78233  Can't make the trip down to San Antonio?  Call us and we will schedule a technician to fix your computer on-site!  We also offer pick-up and delivery!

Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, 8am - 6pm

Store Fire

What happened to our store in New Braunfels?  Our store was included in the fire at the Landa Plaza Shopping Center.  We still are involved in the NB chamber and have many clients in the area.  We plan on opening back up, but for now all business is handled at our San Antonio office.

To see pictures of the fire, click here.

Need Parts?

Global On-Line Computers is an authorized dealer for almost every major computer and parts brand, including HP, Sony, IBM, Samsung, Lexmark, Kingston, Seagate, and NEC!  Browse our shopping cart or call our office at (830) 515-1111 to check stock, prices and more!

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