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Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder how some websites are shown on Page One of the search engine results? The websites that do appear on Page One get thousands of visitors while those on deeper pages get the leftovers.

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to boost your web site's search engine rankings and traffic? When someone searches Google for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your web site appear in the top 10 results, or does your competition?

Attaining high rankings at the top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN can give your business a big boost in traffic and sales. But, how can you achieve these top search engine rankings?

Higher Rankings translates into Higher Traffic!

Search Engine Optimization companies (SEOs) can get search engine rankings to jump to Page One of Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL with changes to a website's layout or text combined with strong external SEO. They also can get their client website's in the major indexes in just a few days.

10 Facts About SEO

1. More than 80% of internet users use search engines to find the products or services to buy.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) costs are rising (over 37% higher from last year to this year Q1).

3. Click fraud in PPC is now estimated to exceed 40%. 

4. Up to 85% of searchers ignore paid listings.

5. 63% of the top natural (organic) listings get clĂ­ck-throughs.

6. Natural (organic) search results convert 60% higher than PPC.

7. Invest now, during a recession? Yes! Search Engine Marketing / SEO provides "Unparalelled ROI." 

8.We use proven search engine placement techniques to rank more sites in more top positions than anyone else in the search engine optimization industry in our price category.

9. If you do nothing else, search engine optimization, search engine placement and keyword related advertising can make up 80 - 90 percent of your website traffic.

10. A good ranking in major search engines can make the difference between commercial success and failure. (Penn State School of Information Sciences & Technology)


We can help make your website appear in the search results on Page One of Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and more!



1. Research the keyword phrases for your campaign (client input & software)

    SPECIAL NOTE: We optimize 300 keyword phrases for every customer, not 15 as others do.

2. Establish 2,000+ relevant, One Way links from other websites (not damaging reciprocals)

3. Create a dynamic sitemap page where your SEO pages are launched

4. Build several weblogs that are clones of your website, setup RSS feeds

5. Notify 30 search engines about item 4

6. Develop an update procedure to update items 3,4,5 with new material

7. Place your website link on 1+ million links pages of affiliated websites

8. Create a "Hosted Marketing Page" of your home page on 100+ high ranking webs.

9. SEO Copywriting. Build 300+/- new "keyword" pages matching your design.

10. Setup a "deep link" program of external links pointing to your internal pages

11. Develop a custom daily update routine for our SEO staff for your website

12. Send you detailed monthly reports to monitor your website progress

13. Obtain add'l 1000 incoming links to your website from 1000 popular directories.

14. Submit your Press Release, up to 12 times per year, to 500+ newswire websites.

15. Submit topic related articles about your business, to 500 article publishing websites. (you submit industry related articles to us)

16. Create an additional 2 to 3 offsite weblogs of your website, and notify SEs

17. Social Book mark your website to build link popularity.

Bonus Point: We have created several dynamic modules that produce thousands of keyword-rich pages to your website. We will install these periodically as your page one ranking grows.



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Global On-Line Computers and URDirect is located in San Antonio at 5606 Randolph Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78233  Can't make the trip down to San Antonio?  Call us and we will schedule a technician to fix your computer on-site!  We also offer pick-up and delivery!

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Store Fire

What happened to our store in New Braunfels?  Our store was included in the fire at the Landa Plaza Shopping Center.  We still are involved in the NB chamber and have many clients in the area.  We plan on opening back up, but for now all business is handled at our San Antonio office.

To see pictures of the fire, click here.

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